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Penser comme des machines

mercredi 23 février 2011

As more and more human activities are being translated into digital form, we need to supply the computer with the broader mind power of the human. We participate in order for the tool itself to expand its possibilities, no longer just to expand human capacities. It can be said that in the end it’s humans who take advantage of the human-computer interaction, and it is still humans who decide what to process and elaborate. This is true in a way, but in the movement to digitize even non-computable aspects that require massive human intervention, humans are becoming servomechanisms of technology as they feed the machine.

"Among the many and enormous advantages of efficient automatic machinery is this : it is completely fool-proof. But every gain has to be paid for. The automatic machine is fool-proof ; but just because it is fool-proof it is also grace-proof. The man who tends such a machine is impervious to every form of esthetic inspiration, whether of human or of genuinely spiritual origin" (Huxley, Aldous, The Perennial Philosophy, New York : Harper & Row, 1945. p. 171).

Voir en ligne : Indranet. Ivo Quartiroli (en anglais)